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crypto trading platforms deal with massive withdrawal requests — over $5 billion in btc, eth removed from exchanges

Crypto Trading Platforms Deal With Massive Withdrawal Requests — Over $5 Billion in BTC, ETH Removed From Exchanges

Nov 14, 20223 min read

During the last week, the crypto community has been dealing with the demise of FTX and its affiliated crypto businesses, and ever since then, the proof-of-reserves topic has found its way to the forefront of conversations. Another silver lining to…

binance forming crypto industry recovery fund to ‘reduce further cascading negative effects of ftx’

Binance Forming Crypto Industry Recovery Fund to ‘Reduce Further Cascading Negative Effects of FTX’

Nov 14, 20222 min read

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is forming an industry recovery fund to “reduce further cascading negative effects of FTX,” said CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). “As an industry, we need to increase transparency,” the executive stressed. “We need to work very closely with…

bitcoin, ethereum technical analysis: btc rebounds following bullish comments from elon musk

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Rebounds Following Bullish Comments From Elon Musk

Nov 14, 20222 min read

Bitcoin started the week trading below $17,000, as volatility in the cryptocurrency space continued to intensify. Following last week’s collapse of FTX, account withdrawals have increased, with several customers opting to remove their tokens from exchanges. However, strong comments from…

pega pool to launch in 2023 to help you offset your carbon footprint while crypto mining

PEGA Pool to Launch in 2023 to Help You Offset Your Carbon Footprint While Crypto Mining

Nov 14, 20223 min read

PEGA Pool is an eco-friendly crypto mining pool currently in private beta testing and is expected to be open to the public in the first quarter of 2023. Regarding bitcoin mining, there have always been concerns about its environmental impact;…

st. kitts and nevis to explore possibility of making bitcoin cash legal tender by march 2023

St. Kitts and Nevis to Explore Possibility of Making Bitcoin Cash Legal Tender by March 2023

Nov 14, 20223 min read

St. Kitts and Nevis will explore the possibility of making bitcoin cash legal tender by March 2023. The statement was made by St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Terrance Drew as part of the Bitcoin Cash 2022 Conference held in…

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nft smart contracts:

Nft smart contracts:

Sep 23, 2022

Welcome back to another article about Nft’s.  By now you should be familiar with what Nft’s are all about, if…


what is bitcoin?


May 7, 20223 min read

what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a virtual currency – the first created in the world – and can be used to purchase services, products and any other items in establishments…

how safe are cryptocurrencies and blockchain


May 7, 20223 min read

How safe are cryptocurrencies and blockchain? Blockchain is a chain of blocks that records transactions of virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Your role is to make this record…

why should i invest in cryptocurrencies ?


May 7, 20222 min read

Why should I invest in cryptocurrencies? As we are talking about a recent niche in the investment world, it is natural that doubts arise about the best path to follow.…

which crypto is the best?


May 10, 20225 min read

WHICH CRYPTO IS THE BEST? The cryptocurrency market is booming, and to start exploring options beyond bitcoin and ether, you need to learn some basic cryptocurrency analysis principles. Checking the…


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elon musk – the world’s richest man and ark invest ceo, warns of “1929-like great depression”

Elon Musk – the World’s Richest Man and Ark Invest CEO, Warns of “1929-Like Great Depression”

Nov 24, 20223 min read

  Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, is warning of the risk that the world is…

crypto wallet guide: what are crypto wallets, how do they work, and how do they affect your crypto investments?

Crypto Wallet Guide: What are crypto wallets, how do they work, and how do they affect your crypto investments?

aks14149628Nov 23, 2022

As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow, so does the number of people that want to get involved in…

failure of ftx. a big blow to crypto market and investors?

Failure of FTX. A big blow to crypto market and investors?

aks14149628Nov 17, 2022

How the Failure of the FTX-Crypto Exchange Could Impact the Cryptocurrency Industry? The cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, with more…


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