May 2024

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Penguiana Doubles Market Cap to Over $2.5 Million Ahead of GUIANA NFT Mint

Penguiana, the distinctive penguin-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain, continues to captivate the crypto community, achieving a new milestone by doubling its market cap to over $2.5 million according to Dexscreener. This surge in valuation underscores the strong investor confidence and community enthusiasm surrounding the project, especially with the impending launch of the GUIANA […]

New York Tightens Customer Service Regulations for Crypto Companies

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has introduced new guidance mandating regulated cryptocurrency entities to implement customer service policies and procedures. Crypto entities must collect data to ensure timely and fair resolution of issues, maintain records for regulatory review, and provide quarterly analyses. New York Regulator Requires Crypto Firms to Adopt New […]

Crypto Re-Staking Platform Attracts $18.8 Billion

The rising trend of “re-staking” has driven significant cryptocurrency investments into platforms that reward users for locking up their tokens. Leading this movement is Seattle-based startup Eigenlayer, which secured $100 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm in February. Eigenlayer has attracted $18.8 billion worth of crypto to its platform from less than $400 […]

Metaplex Announces Introduction of Hybrid Defi Protocol for Solana

Metaplex, a Solana-based protocol that allows for the easy deployment of NFTs across applications, has introduced MPL-404, a hybrid decentralized finance standard. MPL-404 leans on SPL-404, a protocol that allows for the exchange of an NFT for a fixed number of tokens assigned by the designers of each artistic collection. Metaplex Aims to Extend Hybrid […]

Dragonfly-Backed Stablecoin, Agora, to Launch Natively on Sui

Agora, a stablecoin company that recently raised $12 million in its Series A funding round led by Dragonfly, has announced that it will launch its AUSD token natively on Sui. The company aims to produce a better stablecoin focusing on emerging markets, and sharing the revenue obtained with partners integrating AUSD in their services platforms. […]

Nigerian Artist Davido’s Meme Coin Plummets Shortly After He Pockets $474,000 From Token Sale

Nigerian artist Davido has been accused of perpetrating an “outright scam” after pocketing over $468,000 from selling his recently launched meme coin. A prominent Nigerian crypto enthusiast claims Davido’s actions create problems for many legitimate crypto businesses and startups operating in good faith. Davido Offloads Meme Coin Hours After Promoting It to Followers The Nigerian […]

Conviction Fails to Deter Donald Trump’s 2024 Election Odds, According to Polymarket Bets

Following the landmark news of former President Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 counts related to a hush-money scheme allegedly influencing the 2016 election, data from the Polygon-powered prediction market Polymarket shows Trump still leading in forecast bets for the 2024 election. Convicted But Leading: Trump Tops 2024 Election Predictions on Polymarket According to Polymarket, Donald […]

This Low-Cap Ethereum-Based Altcoin Is Primed To Explode 150% Over the Coming Months, Says Michaël van de Poppe

A widely followed crypto analyst is suddenly turning bullish on one low-cap Ethereum (ETH)-based altcoin project. Crypto strategist Michaël van de Poppe tells his 719,400 followers on the social media […]

Ignite Your Investment Journey with HotDonkey: Pre-Sale Launch – Be a Part of the Hot Crypto Evolution

PRESS RELEASE. Introducing HotDonkey, a revolutionary new memecoin set to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape. HotDonkey is more than just another digital currency; it is a vision, a movement, and a catalyst for transformative change in the world of finance. With its innovative approach, HotDonkey is poised to lead the way in the next generation of […]