A Bitcoin Inspired Watch Dubbed, Astronomia Is Being Sold For $396,577; Bitcoin Having Difficulty Staying Above $20k

Most people know of haute couture, but few have heard about Haute Horlogerie. Jacob & Co watch manufacturers have created a new luxury watch called Astronomia. This watch is magnificent and costs almost $400,000.

It features a bitcoin logo that rotates, and it also has a yellow sapphire sun to end the crypto winter, golden earth, and a diamond moon. Additionally, it has a black rocket ship to help us remember that we are aiming for the moon. There are two rotating features which are a fascinating thing about the watch. One comprises the arms and other parts, and the second looks like a microchip. They finish a rotation cycle after ten minutes.

The Watch Is Dedicated To Bitcoin And The Crypto World

A window made of sapphire crystal encircles the watch to allow you to view the components inside it. The material used to make the strap is alligator leather. Apart from making bags and shoes, alligator leather has found a new use in this luxurious and unique watch.

The crypto winter the market is facing has negatively affected luxury watches prices. However, Jacob & Co has not given up on making an elegant and expensive watch. The manufacturers who created the watch said the item is a dedication to the world of cryptos and its most prominent and innovative coin, the bitcoin. The makers have decorated the wristwatch with features and information associated with bitcoin and the crypto market.

Around the watch are crypto-related terms like blockchain, decentralized digital currency, bitcoin, and peer-to-peer. The watch is a first of its kind and targets crypto enthusiasts.

Bitcoin‘s Price Struggles

Meanwhile, bitcoin has struggled to remain above the $20k support level. On Thursday, it dipped to below $20k for the second time in five days. Ethereum is one of the most significant gainers today. Many other altcoins changed slightly, although Cardano’s price increased.

Bitcoin is currently sitting at $20,169.04 at 1.05 am New York time. It had declined to $19,653 a few hours ago. Bitcoin could continue hovering around the $20K lever for some time due to the low volatility it has been having for the last few days.

Bitcoin’s poor performance in the market has been putting a strain on miners and making it hard for them to make a substantial profit. Despite the current situation bitcoin is in, some analysts believe it’s the right time to buy bitcoin and look for short-term opportunities.

Ripple (XRP) price dropped from $0.37 to $0.32. The $0.37 price was the highest in two weeks, and it happened because the XRP ledger did three significant transactions totaling $51 million, and it used prominent crypto exchanges FTX and Bitso. The crypto community predicts Ripple’s price will jump this September towards the end of the month to $0.4917.

Ethereum rose by 2.2% to $1,585. Cardano rose by the highest percentage of 2.5 to hit $0.45 as BNB dropped to $278.

MATIC’s Price Is In The Green

MATIC is another big winner this Friday as its price shot up by 6.6% and hit $0.88. This uptrend followed an announcement by Robinhood trading platform on Thursday where it said it would provide withdrawal and deposit services for MATIC. This is a polygon network token. The token has increased 7% during the last week.

Crypto investors are waiting for today’s U.S job report release at U.S Eastern Time. The Federal Reserve will meet this month and publicize the interest rate it plans to impose next.

The president of Cleveland’s Federal Reserve Bank, Loreta Mester, said the Fed could increase the rates to around 4% by the beginning of next year and stay there for a while. The present rate is between 2.25% to 2.50%. She said this at an occasion that the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce arranged this Wednesday.

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