Aslic and mining pools

aslic and mining pools. cryptomite.winIntroduction

In this article we are going to jump right into Bitcoin Mining pools and ASLIC.

By the end of this article you should be able to confidently say you know what Aslic is and the function of it and what Bitcoin Mining pools are. 

Bitcoin Mining Pools

A mining pool is a group of miners formed together to deal with difficulties of Bitcoin Mining. 

They share their processing powers over a network and share the reward according to how much work each contributed to possibly finding a block.

There are a total of 15 well known mining pools that one could join. 

What is ASLIC?

A ASLIC is a super powered computer designed specifically for mining Bitcoins. 

ASLIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit. 

This computer’s specific purpose is to solve block chain problems. 

But it does require a lot of volts to function. 

Here’s a short video about ASLIC Miners In Crypto.


In this article we learned what ASLIC is and what Mining pools are. 

In the next article we’ll go over: Is investing in Bitcoin a good idea?

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