visa launches bitcoin, crypto debit cards in 40 countries in ftx partnership

Visa Launches Bitcoin, Crypto Debit Cards In 40 Countries In FTX Partnership

The partnership lets FTX exchange users in 40 countries easily spend their bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at any merchant…

Oct 7, 20222 min read

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Slips Below $19,000 Following Yesterday’s Failed Breakout

Bitcoin fell below $19,000 on Wednesday, as the token failed to break out of a key resistance level…

Sep 7, 20222 min read
bitcoin miner begins mining facility construction in paraguay, acquires 3,600 microbt asics

Bitcoin Miner Begins Mining Facility Construction in Paraguay, Acquires 3,600 Microbt ASICs

According to the crypto mining operation Holdings Limited, the firm announced that it has begun construction of…

Oct 14, 20223 min read

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate as Some Expect Fed to Hike Rates by 1% 

Bitcoin fell below $19,000 on Wednesday, as markets prepared for a potential 100 basis point interest rate hike…

Sep 21, 20222 min read
galaxy digital reveals update on ties to ftx, partnership has ‘exposure of approximately $76.8 million’

Galaxy Digital Reveals Update on Ties to FTX, Partnership Has ‘Exposure of Approximately $76.8 Million’

Following the issues surrounding FTX, the publicly-listed firm Galaxy Digital published its third-quarter earnings report and noted it…

Nov 9, 20223 min read
maple finance lending pool delegate ‘identified a number of key weaknesses’ tied to ftx’s alameda research

Maple Finance Lending Pool Delegate ‘Identified a Number of Key Weaknesses’ Tied to FTX’s Alameda Research

According to a report from Orthogonal Credit, a delegate of Maple Finance’s lending pools, the firm decided “earlier…

Nov 9, 20223 min read

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