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how to promote nfts

How to Promote NFTs

BypierrecarvalhoFeb 6, 20227 min read

Every day, an average of 50,000 new forward contracts (NFTs) are traded, resulting in a total trading volume of $136.2 million, according to the website A total of $69…

top 10 metaverse platforms

Top 10 Metaverse Platforms

BypierrecarvalhoFeb 3, 2022

The introduction of the Metaverse has shifted the whole crypto market trend in a completely different direction in the year 2022. The idea that Facebook was just renamed as Meta…

what are nft royalties and how do they work?

What Are NFT Royalties and How Do They Work?

BypierrecarvalhoFeb 1, 2022

Non-fungible tokens are the next generation of crypto tokens that feature the non-fungible and unique properties of a crypto asset. NFTs were formerly underrated in the same way that cryptos…