IBATUSD: Bulls Will Push Higher, BUY!

Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, 8th of September:
IBAT/USD at the moment is currently recovering and showing positive signs above the $0.004408 supply level, the coin may likely remain in the same trend and further rise up to the upper resistance level if all the support holds and the buy traders could exert more force into the market.

Key Levels:
Resistance Levels: $0.005000, $0.005100, $0.005200
Support Levels: $0.004237, $0.004137, $0.004037
IBAT (USD) Long-term Trend: Bullish (1H)
Battle Infinity turns positive today. The currency pair’s orientation trades in a general bullish flow.

The bulls caused a rise to a $0.004323 high level which further increased to the $0.004433 supply level as the 1-hourly chart opens today. This affirms the high impact of the buy investors in the market.

Furthermore, the buyers have struggled to sustain above the $0.004849 supply level in the previous action. If the buyers continue to hold this momentum, the price may break up the previous swing high at the $0.005201 resistance value.

Hence, the market price is pointing upwards on the daily stochastic; this implies that the price action of IBATUSD is in an uptrend, and in this case, the coin is liable to jump further and reach the $0.200 supply level in the coming days in its long-term perspective as we watch the market remains bullish.

IBAT (USD) Short-term Trend: Bullish (15-Minute)The coin is in a bullish movement zone in its short-term outlook. This is due to the high inflow from the buyers. The price bars can be seen trading above the moving averages, this means that the coin is in a bullish trend zone.

IBATUSD market price made a strong bullish move to a $0.004477 high level to gain more strength as the 15-minutes chart opens today. This bullish breakout will offer the first signal for potential recovery and provide a higher footing to push the bull rally forward.

As a result, the post-breakout rally could drive the Battle Infinity price higher to the $0.200 supply level as the momentum indicator shows that the market is oversold already. We now expect the buy investors to push the crypto further up to a significant level around the$0.200 high level in the days in its short-term outlook.

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