LBLOCK Price Deduction: Lucky Block Seems Prepared for a Massive Price Jump

LBLOCK: 7th September

LBLOCK’s Price action has been moving to and fro between $0.0008200 and $0.0009300. However, examining signs on the LBLOCK/USD market, one might want to say that price action for this crypto is about to bounce upwards. And at this, point traders must catch the bounce as it looks very promising.

LBLOCK’s Current Value $0.0009160
LBLOCK’S’s Market Cap: $3.12 million
LBLOCK’s Moving Supply: ——
LBLOCK’s Overall Supply: 3.65 billion
LBLOCK’s Position on Coinmarketcap: #3635

Key Value Marks:
Upper Value Level: $0.0009160, $0.0009200, $0.0009250
Lower Value Level: $0.0009100, $0.0009050, $0.0009000

LBLOCK Price Deduction: Lucky Block Finally Recline above the $0.0009000

The LBLOCK/USD four-hour chart reveals that this crypto has begun a very strong upside move. The Stochastic RSI threads have arrived in the overbought area. As a plus, we can see that this indicator’s threads still points in the upward direction, indicating a continued upward move. Also, the Bollinger can be perceived to have become very narrow, and the rule of its operation follows that when such occurs price motion will move either upwards or downwards. However, with the RSI still pointing upwards, we can anticipate that price motion will proceed upwards. Eventually, the price action may reach above $0.001100.

LBLOCK Price Deduction: Lucky Block Upside Move Is Progressive

The hourly LBLOCK/USD chart shows that price motion is progressing as predicted. Here we can see that bullish candlesticks are almost reclining above the MA line of the Bollinger. In addition, the RSI curves are still oriented towards the overbought. Thus this indicates increasing upward momentum. Furthermore, additional buying pressure will finally place the bullish candles above the MA of the Bollinger. As a result, this will keep LBLOCK’s price open to more upside motion. Traders should not delay buying into this market.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK V2): listing has been set to be done on 25th August.

You can purchase Lucky Block here. Buy LBLOCK


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