Sega to Develop New Web3 Games, Reveals Partnership With Finschia

Sega Singapore, a subsidiary of the worldwide recognized entertainment company, has announced that it will seek to produce new Web3 games as part of a partnership established with Finschia, a blockchain project. As part of this partnership, Sega will also participate in the governance of Finschia, operating a node to help secure the network.

Sega to Produce New Web3 Games Based on Existing IPs

Sega, the Japanese entertainment company, might lend its intellectual properties (IPs) to be part of Web3 games again. Sega Singapore, a subsidiary of Sega that is responsible for the development of the global Web3 strategy of the company, has recently revealed a partnership with Finschia, a blockchain project, that would lead to the arrival of some of Sega’s existing franchises into the Web3 world.

As part of the partnership, Sega Singapore is already collaborating to secure the Finschia network, running a node, and participating in the protocol governance. Sega’s move is the last in a chain of announcements regarding the company’s position on Web3 and blockchain games.

This partnership seems to contest the opinion that co-Chief Operating Officer Shuji Utsumi gave back in July when he stated that Sega was pulling the plug on Web3 games because they were “boring.” At the time, he stressed that Sega would protect its most significant IPs, and would only license lesser franchises for this kind of games.

However, Utsumi flip-flopped on its position later in October, when he acknowledged that Web3 and blockchain elements might bring new ideas to the gaming ecosystem, sustaining that “owning assets and, in some cases, earning money, could become player wants that haven’t existed before.”

The company announced its first blockchain game in September 2022, licensing its Sangokushi Taisen franchise to Double Jump Tokyo, a blockchain company. The game would rely on Oasys, a game-oriented blockchain, to provide the Web3 elements of the project.

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