Top 10 NFT Platforms for 2022

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are forging new ground in the cryptocurrency industry in 2022. People are getting more involved in the newest shift that is transforming the planet. NFTs have surpassed the big cryptocurrency’s records in a few months. A lot of people want to mint NFTs to earn more. According to recent statistics from Cointelegraph, consumers have spent more than $9 billion on NFT sales so far this year, with total NFT sales anticipated to hit $17.7 billion by the end of the month.

Additionally, many NFT markets have also risen to the occasion & started the storm by creating new NFT and introducing additional incentives in this endeavor. The following are some of the markets that have stood out as the best and are the finest NFT marketplaces for beginners. Get to know them, before you put your work on the marketplace.

What exactly is an NFT marketplace?

The NFT Marketplace is just a decentralized exchange for non-fungible commodities such as digital crypto art as well as other non-fungible items. It is an online venue where NFTs can be kept, exhibited, sold, and in some circumstances even minted.

The NFT marketplace was first built on a separate chain like Eth, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, etc. It was also called a million-dollar system. Buyers and sellers must have crypto wallets to complete transactions. The NFT market affords asset owners strong ownership rights, immutability, and security.

NFT Marketplace Features:

A good NFT Marketplace should have the following characteristics:

  1. Advanced token search makes it easy for a consumer to receive detailed information fast. Music, photos, movies, art and memes should all be organized in an NFT marketplace. Quick search boosts client satisfaction.
  1. Making lists allows consumers to create and send collectibles. They guarantee that the customer can do so swiftly and easily. Create a page where clients may upload files and enter item details. Title, tags and description are necessary.
  1. The wallet is required to accept and store non-fungible tokens. The NFT market service should have an initial wallet, such as MetaMask, to save and submit tokens safely
  1. Filtering all offerings into many categories that influence consumer selections. Prices, new items, hot deals, best-sellers, and so on. Users will choose things quicker, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
  1. Status of listing assists many who supply items and pass item verification. It allows us to manage the confirmation process. This feature facilitates collectible verification.
  1. Ratings help the newcomers know where to begin, how the system works, or how to pick goods quickly. Looking up a seller’s rating to see whether other people think they’re dependable may be enough.

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List of NFT Platforms:

Here is a list of the top ten NFT platforms for the year 2022.


OpenSea was launched in 2018 and is one of the finest NFT markets, providing artworks, virtual social worlds, sports, collectibles and trading cards, as well as censorship-resistant domain names. The platform supports ERC115 and ERC721. You may also look at Decentraland, ENS games, Axies, CryptoKitties, and other assets.

It is best recognized as a marketplace for the creation, purchase, and sale of digital assets. The site boasts well-known customers that include celebrities such as Logan Paul, Mark Cuban, and many more.


Rarible is a peer NFT marketplace for collectors, launched in 2020. The platform employs its own crypto, named RARI. Rarible allows its users to make all choices, making it a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. Rarible sells art and collectibles. It offers a straightforward minting procedure for non-programmers. NFTs can be created even for a single picture. Tokens issued on this marketplace may also be utilized by another popular platform like OpenSea.

Nifty Gateway:

Nifty Gateway is a blockchain-based crypto art ecosystem founded by Gemini in 2020. They only let in prominent digital artists like Beeple and Grimes. A Nifties is a personal symbol of worth created by each artist on the site. Unlike other sites, this one allows you to buy NFT cards using credit cards.

The marketplace is striving on decentralized systems around the world. Every three weeks, the platform releases a limited edition Nifties. Celebrities and artists like Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, etc. have also created amazing works that can be found on this platform.


Decentraland digital marketplace was released in 2020 to provide NFT artists and producers with complete rights. A wide variety of digital artifacts is available on this marketplace, such as wearables and names. This program also allows users to own digital lands and personalize them by creating infrastructure or other forms of construction.

Users’ voices are continually rising on the marketplace, notably on land auctions, policy revisions, and NFT contracts. Since all assets are held in an Ethereum smart contract, Decentraland is regarded as one of the safest NFT markets.


The Foundation NFT marketplace was founded in 2021 and is a P2P marketplace for digital artists, crypto natives, and collectors. This is one of the top NFT markets. However, the site concentrates on digital art for now. The trading platform promotes NFT trading by elevating suppressed voices. When a collector sells his/her digital artwork to some other person or business for a greater price, an artist earns 10% of the total sales value.

The Foundation Team decides what sort of artwork appears on whatever platform web page. This digital marketplace’s crew is also recognized for staging live auctions and streamlining the online bidding procedure for digital artwork.


SuperRare, a non-profit company founded in 2018, is a marketplace for unique and limited-edition digital artworks. All things exchanged on this platform are created by a real digital artists and tokenized. The makers or collectors could own and exchange these digital valuables, which are safeguarded by encryption and recorded on blockchain technology.

One of the finest features of SuperRare would be that it provides a record of possession for all digital items, which helps maintain a healthy social atmosphere.


Mintable, which launched in 2020, is a great marketplace where consumers can exchange music, photographs, artwork, digital treasures and in-game assets. The platform tries to be a profitable choice by offering consumers a gasless minting alternative known as lazy minting.

The Mintable DAO is yet another unique aspect of this platform since it has its governing coin, MINT, that can be gained on this platform via trade. Furthermore, the marketplace pays digital artists a 5 percent royalty on the entire amount of secondary sales made via the marketplace.

Axie Nifty:

Axie Nifty is a very well known marketplace that attracted the attention of NFT enthusiasts shortly after its debut in 2017. It is a fantastic digital game where players can raise, fight, and collect Axies. Axie Nifty is widely considered to be the greatest Ethereum game available. The digital game already has more than 15,000 monthly active players and is striving to be a fantastic platform for those who like NFT and video games. Users can own farms and kingdoms in the game, with the objective to gather Axies. These axes could be sold later if the users believe they are worth it.

Axie Market, the NFT marketplace for collecting digital animals, is the newest addition to Coinbase Global. Axie Infinity tokens, commonly known as Axie Shards, are based on the Ethereum blockchain and may be exchanged on exchanges such as eBay and Deambrella, as well as other NFT markets.

Crypto Punks:

Crypto Punks are digital miniatures created using the Ethereum blockchain. Marvelous miniatures have been sold for millions of dollars on the market. Therefore, the platform is recognized for having the most costly NFTs. The ERC-721 standard is used to power all NFTs, including digital art & collectibles

The platform offers three punks. The owners of the punks having red backgrounds are willing to sell them; the owners of the punks with blue backgrounds are not. Punks with purple backgrounds, though, have an active bid. The vast marketplace has 10,000+ unique produced characters that could be readily bought once registered.

NBA Top Shot:

Founded in 2017 and owned by the NBA, NBA top shot is a digital marketplace that tokenizes the moments of each outstanding player in the NBA and attempts to record their astounding performance into NFT cards. In addition, items used by the renowned players are transformed into NFTs as well.

Ownership rights and legitimacy are provided by the platform. The demand for these precious moment tokens has increased dramatically since their inception, and it is now a social media craze to flaunt them. Some tokens were auctioned for millions.


NFTs are a fascinating component of the cryptocurrency market. The development of NFTs is unquestionably promising across a wide variety of uses. The finest non-fungible token (NFT) markets handle millions of transactions every day and allow trade throughout the world. Individuals have profited millions of dollars by selling these tokens. Consider using one of the NFT markets in this article the next time you want to mint your work and put it on sale.

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