Why are NFT’s so popular?

Why are Nft’s so popular?


In the previous article we discovered what NFT’s were and a little bit of how they worked. 

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By now you’re probably wondering what makes NFT’s so popular?

I for one asked that question multiple times and still had no answer.

In this article we’ll delve straight into what makes NFT’s so popular and why they are skyrocketing. 

What makes NFT’S popular?

Nft’s are so popular that one digital collage called The First 5000 Days was sold for 69.3 million dollars. This artwork took 13 years to complete.

I for one had my jaw all the way to the floor when I heard that but that’s the power of Nft’s these days. 

This leaves the question, why pay so much for something that you can see online at no cost?

Well the simplest answer being value, every collectable has a value that makes it special. 

Imagine buying something everyone wants and selling it for a higher price in the same condition that it was bought. That’s one of the reasons that make Nft’s so special, they are digital so harm can befall upon them like any physical asset. 

But it also poses the question what makes it different to auctions and selling your assets physically? 

I for one think privacy makes the big difference, Nft’s can secure your assets online with the comfort of knowing it can’t be distributed in its original state or be forged. 


There are many things that make Nft’s popular, from the ownership privacy policy to the accessibility of buying online safely or selling your one Nft’s and making some extra cash for yourself.

In this article you should’ve learned some of the reasons why Nft’s are so popular these days and will continue to be popular for some time to be. 

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