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Cardano (ADA) Developer IOG Partners With Stanford University To Launch Blockchain Research Hub

Stanford University could soon come up with cutting-edge blockchain innovation through a new $4.5 million…

Sep 10, 2022

LUNA 2.0 Token Jumps 200% Higher Against the US Dollar in 24 Hours

While digital currencies jumped in value during the early morning trading sessions on Friday (ET),…

Sep 10, 2022

From Shiba Inu to Squidgrow

When society looks at the crypto industry today, one cannot deny that Dogecoin (Doge) and…

Sep 10, 2022

500,000 DAI From DAO Maker Exploit Was Sent Through Tornado Cash, Security Analysts Report

On September 8, the crypto security and smart contract auditing firm Certik revealed that 500,000…

Sep 10, 2022